Web Application Development

Web Application Architecture & Engineering

Over the past 20 years, we have learned that there are a few basic rules around architecting systems.

  • Scalability – Ensure that your architecture can be scaled horizontally, across multiple servers and across multiple regions. That means that once your traffic goes up, you should be able to add and remove new servers as you please.
  • Availability – The architecture should support a high availability environment. What happens if one, two or three servers fail? What happens if a whole region fails?
  • Security – Your architecture should expose only the minimal amount of code possible. Most of the back-end pieces should be hidden away. In addition to that, security of each system should be multi-layered. What happens if you hack one layer of the system? Do you get access to everything or just a small piece of the system?
  • Extensibility – You should be able to swap out modules, change layers, and add pieces to your application without having to worry about the underlying data contracts you have in place. Extensibility should be easy and fun – you shouldn’t have to worry about where you start or what you might break!
  • Separation of Responsibility – Your system should be modular enough that each piece of code has a set of responsibilities and not more. Your back end should not create front end code nor should your front end code include business logic.

We work hard to architect solid data, server, business logic and front end layers so that all aspects of your application are strong.

Web Application Re-Architecture & Refresh

We often work with clients who have a deep desire to extract every bit of ROI out of their aging application. We get it and understand that rebuilding from scratch may not make sense financially or may simply not be convenient for you.

When presented with an existing application, we begin by reverse engineering the architectural layers and include a deep dive into the business case and goals. Our architects and engineers will stringently document everything about your application so that we can identify all points of solid and not so solid code.

At the end a comprehensive analysis and recommendations proposal that will include enhancements, bug fixes, security updates, front end refreshing, and strategic advise well suited to your specific goals will be presented to you.

Some of our clients work with multiple software development vendors, we will rally all parties and create a team centric program for moving forward.